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4 Types of Glass Lens: Complete Buying guide

3 Eye glass lens showing how photochromic Eye glass lens transition from clear to black color

Glass Lens or Eye lenses have transformed our vision and trend in recent years. From plastic lenses to glasses, there is something for everyone. However, lenses have become a more popular trend, especially among the stylish Gen-Z! In this article, we will discuss the 4 types of eye lenses that are highly durable and vision-enhancing.

What are the 4 Types of Glass Lens or Eye Lenses?

Find the most popular 4 types of Glass lenses or eye lenses below to select the right one for you under eyeglasses:

Hard Coat Lens

Hard Coat Glass Lens are the cheapest types of power lenses and are highly durable. These come without any coatings and are mostly preferred by old-age groups. However, other age people can also prefer these. Hardcoat lenses are one of the most durable types of eye lenses.

Anti-Glare Lens

These types of power lenses are of more premium quality than hard coat lenses. Also known as ARC-coating lenses, these “Anti-Reflection Coating Lenses” help prevent or reflect harmful UV and other rays. 

Blue Cut Lens

Blue Cut Lenses, or Blue Cut + ARC Lenses. Also known as “Smartphone Lenses/Glasses”, are designed for people with heavy screen time. For example, office workers, students, IT professionals, etc. These help protect your eyesight by absorbing around 10-90% blue light emitted by computer screens plus has all the qualities of ARC lenses. However, these are the most expensive types of eye lenses. These lenses are also available without power widely known as Zero Power Computer glasses. (Recommended)

Photochromic Lens or Day & Night Lens

Also known as “day and night lenses”, photochromic lenses serve the purposes of both sunglasses and eyewear. In short, these are designed for people who mostly spend their time outside, in the harsh sunlight. These lenses are mostly white but become black as you go out. Please note they are powered lenses and not sunglasses.

Conclusion: Glass Lens

In conclusion, 4 types of eye lenses serve different purposes for distinctive age groups. Before buying any of these for your needs, you need to have a basic idea about their design and functionality.

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