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Terms and Conditions

Oscar Eye is committed to provide best services and eyewear in India, thus we follow these terms and conditions. Thus, we suggest you to read these terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with your order. Please find them below: 

User Accounts

You may be asked to create an account to access certain features of our website. The recorded details are sent to you via Email and you may be requested to authenticate the OTP and other details. Please provide us with the same to ensure seamless account creation. 

Product Information

Ensure you provide your current and accurate information when placing an order(s) or creating an account. Remember that submitting the wrong details will directly impact your order(s) and transaction process. strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information about products on the Website. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any product information, including pricing and availability.
We reserves the right to correct any errors or omissions in product information, prices and availability at any time without prior notice.
Images shown with the product are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. The company strives to ensure that product images are as accurate as possible, but variations may occur.

Order Cancellation

You confirm that an order(s) placed by you is purchased for your personal usage and not for resale purposes. We only accept your offer on and confirm the Contract for Sale for a product you have ordered when you’ve confirmed the order and the notification/ confirmation of the order is sent to you via email along with dispatch details. For better understanding refer to Cancellation policy.


You agree that you’ll pay the total price of the product(s),taxes and shipping charges at the time of order confirmation. 

We accept different payment methods which will be accessible to you at the entry gateway.

We reserve the right to cancel the order anytime if guidelines are not met. 

You concur, understand, and confirm that the Card details given by you to transact on the site will be right, exact, and are claimed by you. Further, you will explicitly or in writing approve the utilisation of any outsider card for making installments.

The organization reserves the right to cancel a request in case the demand isn’t agreeable to the Organization. Upon such cancellation, the requested sum will be refunded to you. Such cancellations may occur because of many reasons that might be informed by the organization using email.

Fraudulent Activities 

The organization won’t be obligated for any Credit Card fraud. The risk for fraudulent activities will be on the Client solely.

Utilization of is accessible only to the individual who can shape a lawfully binding contract under the Indian Contract Act 1872, if you are a minor, for instance, under the age of 18 years, you may use only with the involvement of a parent or caretaker.

Privacy Policy

You agree and understand that you are liable for maintaining the most extreme mystery and secrecy of all the information given to the organization while registering yourself which includes your login ID, Email address, and Secret phrase for something similar. For better understanding please visit Privacy Policy.  

You are answerable for every one of the activities that happen under your record. OscarEye will send notifications, commercials, correspondence, and different interchanges to the email ID submitted by you.

The organization will make the most extreme mystery and privacy of the information as given by you. The organization utilizes all safety efforts to guarantee that the information isn’t abused by any outsider. For better understanding refer to Privacy Policy section of our website but In case, you find that your record or information has been unapproved utilized then you can contact us at

Call us: +91-8684828782


Information Violation 

As specified in the laws of India, the organisation reserves the right to recover the expense of the item, assortment, different charges, harms, judicial procedure charges, and so forth from the buyer using the site/s deceitfully. 

Furthermore, the organisation has the right to initiate the judicial procedure against fake clients whose act or exclusion adversely influences the reputation or brand name of the organisation or causes any loss in any regard to the organization.

You are completely disallowed from unapproved utilization of our framework or this site’s, including but not restricted to unapproved passage into the system, misuse of passwords, or misuse of any information presented on this site.

Shipping & Return

OscarEye will not be at risk for any aberrant, accidental, unique, considerable, or correctional harm, or any loss of benefits or revenues, whether incurred directly or indirectly

Please refer to Refunds & replacement policyShipping policy & return policy for better understanding.

Technical Glitch or Unethical Means

If any purchase is found to have been made through unethical techniques, taking advantage of technical glitches, or infringing upon offer terms/rules/codes, the individual request/s will be dropped, and no discount will be given.

Administering Regulation

These terms and conditions will be administered by and understood as per the laws of Jalandhar Purview.

By using, you consent to these terms and conditions Agreements. In case you have any inquiries, if doubt, reach us at

Thank you for choosing!