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How to Remove Eyeglass Scratches: Tips and Tricks

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Eyeglasses keep getting scratched is a common phenomenon if you wear them regularly. However, people use the wrong practices to clean them which increase the glass’s haze. Thus, they suffer from blurry vision. The same applies to Sunglasses and Power Sunglasses too. In this article, we will discuss some easy tips on how to remove eyeglass scratches and how Oscareye can help you with the same. 

How to Clean Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

  • Never apply saliva on lenses to clean them. Instead, visit an optometrist as they use premium quality lens sprays or not very harsh soap dishes.
  • Always use a microfibre cloth to clean your eyeglasses. As a small tip, you can visit where we provide a lens-cleaning kit with every spectacles purchase, be it eyeglasses, sunglasses or power sunglasses. 
  • This kit contains a premium quality microfibre cloth and a lens cleaner packed in a beautiful bottle. By using this “pocket-spray cleaner”, you can ensure optimum glass cleanliness. 
  • Use only a microfibre cloth and cleaner spray to clean your eyeglasses. 
  • You can also rinse your glasses with clean water and dry them with a microfibre cloth if you’re applying 1-2 tbsp water and baking soda paste.
  • Apply a little car wax (either a spray or tub type) on your glasses and rub it gently in a circular motion with the microfibre cloth. Then, use another microfiber cloth to wipe your glasses completely.

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How to Remove Eyeglass Scratches: Conclusion

In conclusion, cleaning eyeglasses is a very fun and easy thing to do if done with caution and care. Use only microfibre cloth along with a cleaning spray offered by Oscareye for optimum results and the safety of your eyeglasses. Read all instructions carefully before use of any product dealing with How to remove eyeglass schatches. That’s it!

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