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How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Square Faces?

Perfect Sunglasses for Square Faces

If you enjoy contouring and highlighting, your beauty routine may be missing an essential step. Finding high-quality, cheap and perfect sunglasses that flatter your face shape might improve your appearance.

While anyone can wear whichever sunglasses they want, knowing your face shape before selecting fashion eyewear will help you appear your best. Square face are one of the most popular facial forms. Both men and women have sharp and beautiful faces. Fortunately, we’re here to help you locate the ideal sunglasses for women and men for square faces.

How do I know if I Have a Perfect sunglasses Square Face?

While many of the finest sunglasses for square faces are suitable for any shape, you should identify your face shape to avoid selecting the wrong frames.

To identify your face shape, you must first measure your face. When measuring, make sure to hold your ruler or measuring tape straight across rather than bending it.

Step 1: Measure your brow from temple to temple.

Step 2: Measure across your cheekbones, directly beneath your eyes.

Step 3: Measure at an angle from your left ear to the center of your chin. Multiply that by two. 

Square faces have the same or nearly identical measurements. Sunglasses shapes for square faces can help give dimension to your face while softening the angles.

Cat Eye

Cat eye sunglasses are a must-have for individuals who appreciate elegant and classic trends since they add drama to any outfit. However, cat eye frames can help to balance angular features and lift the face, making them one of the best sunglasses for square faces. Remember to select rounder frames if possible, as they are the most flattering sunglasses form for square faces.


Aviator frames are the most popular frames of all time for a reason: they provide excellent eye protection while flattering any face shape. Aviator sunglasses have rounded bottoms to provide greater sun protection, which makes them ideal for square faces. The aviator frame’s top straight lines offer square face shapes a dominating presence, making them the ideal accessory for professional attire.


Bold-frame sunglasses are among the best options for square faces. Exaggerated ovals and floating-rimmed glasses are flattering on this face shape. Remember, while selecting glasses, a curve is essential. Super sharp geometric forms are not the most appealing sunglasses shapes for square faces. 

You should avoid square or rectangular frames. They will compete for your natural angles. You want to select a sunglasses shape that emphasizes rather than overwhelms your natural features. 

Frame Weight for perfect Sunglasses

When selecting sunglasses, consider the weight of the frame. To soften the angles of your face, you can choose from thin, frameless, or floating frames. Choose a medium frame to show off your stronger jawline. Heavy-framed sunglasses are not ideal for square faces. The extra weight from the frames will make your bone structure appear severe and out of balance.

Frame Size for perfect Sunglasses

For square faces, the size and style of sunglasses are equally crucial. Square-shaped faces can wear larger frames than those with less angular characteristics. Lenses that are wider than your face provide depth and dimension. You can also wear more fashion-forward larger frames. Because your facial shape is so robust, higher lens sizes will not overwhelm it; however, while choosing sunglasses, always choose slimmer frames. 

Frame Colour for Perfect sunglasses

While you should always choose frame colours that complement your outfit and skin tone, thin metallic frames are ideal for folks with square faces. Thin silver or gold frames can brighten your face without weighing it down. If you wish to add colour, a frame with transparency is the best option. A solid black or brown frame could be too weighty for your bone shape.

Conclusion: Perfect sunglasses for square faces

There are so many wonderful possibilities for square faces. This facial shape can be dressed casually, classically, or fashionably. This face shape is versatile, and many models and celebrities have square bone structures.
While guides are helpful, not every face fits every rule. Some faces may be a combination of several shapes. Some people may have distinguishing features that they desire to highlight. Many people enjoy a style so much that they can make it work. That is why it is essential to try on several sunglasses to determine what works best for your unique look. OscarEye offers the best quality, trendy sunglasses for men that are right for you.


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