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What Are The Various Types Of Computer Glasses?

computer glasses

The world is gradually evolving into a digital environment. As the digital era catches up with us, it’s no wonder that we spend extended periods on digital gadgets. Our lives are defined by digital gadgets and looking at monitors, from waking up to catching up on the day’s events at night. All we are advising is that you should safeguard your eyes by using computer glasses. Long periods spent on digital gadgets may cause computer vision syndrome. These symptoms include eye strain, headaches, impaired vision, and dry eyes, among others. Problems typically connected with this computer vision condition include:

1. Optical noise – Glare generates optical noise, which can obscure vision. An issue primarily encountered among persons who work with primary light sources, such as computers.

2. Eye strain – Artificial light sources such as fluorescent lights, LED displays, laptops, and other digital gadgets can generate high-energy wavelengths that cause eye strain and fatigue.

3. Dry eyes – Extended, intense computer screen use often results in less blinking. This may cause your eyes to lose moisture and become dry and inflamed.

4. Troubled sleep- Do you have difficulty sleeping soundly? Continuous exposure to blue light alters your biological clock, changing your sleep patterns.

5. Headaches – Recurrent headaches may be caused by light sensitivity and eye pain as a result of prolonged exposure to blue light.

Here’s where computer glasses come in. These glasses are eyewear with blue filters that protect your eyes by preventing these harmful impacts. These glasses are specially made to give the best eyesight and comfort while using a computer.

Before you buy computer glasses, you should be aware of the many varieties of glasses available. You can select the best one for your needs. There are several types of computer glasses in the market, including:

A. Zero Power: 

Zero Power eyeglasses with Blue Block or computer glasses with no power. Computer glasses without electricity are treated with blue ray protection to safeguard your eyes. Everyone can utilize these glasses. OscarEye sells these spectacles.

B. Computer Glasses: 

If you have reading issues and are over 40 years old, you can choose reading glasses with blueray protection or blue block. These computer glasses are offered by OscarEye.

C. Anti-Glare Smartphone Lens

Anti-glare glasses reduce the glare of light from the lenses, and allow you to see more clearly without having to squint when using a laptop screen. As a result, they provide greater comfort for your eyes. People who operate in direct sunlight or on bright LED screens typically use anti-reflective glasses.

D. Blue Ray Lens Computer Glasses:

If you have high powers or use prescription glasses, consider adding a blueray protective coating to your lenses. Blue lenses are clear. They work as a blue light filter and will not interfere with your eyesight in any way. These are available as BluPro lenses from OscarEye. 


Computer glasses can provide glare reduction, increased contrast, and a variety of other benefits. You may specify anti-reflection and anti-glare coatings for your glasses when you make the purchase. You may stroll into any of our locations and ask our specialists about computer glasses for men. Buy glasses at an affordable price online from OscarEye.

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